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Lord Krishna was born in Mathura, Uttar Pradesh, India. The name of Lord Krishna is a Sanskrit word Krishna, which means “dark”. His birthday is now celebrated every year by Hindus on Janmashtami. Krishna is also known by different names like Govinda, Mukunda, Vasudeva and Makhan Chor. He has different likings in his life like eating butter, playing a flute or having a friend. His life is known as “Krishna Leela”. Lord Krishna has been mentioned in books “Bhagvata Purana” and “Bhagvata Geeta” for his various perspectives as godchild, a lover of people, a funny boy who likes to do pranks, and a supreme power.

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9 Facts that People Rarely Know About Krishna

  • Krishna has 108 names. Lord Krishna has many names like Mohan Shyam, Hari Girdhari, Baanke Bihari are some few names.
  •  Lord Krishna has 16,108 wives. He has 16,108 wives in total from which eight are principal to him. Lakshmana who bore him 10 sons each. He had rescued 16,100 women from the monster Narakasursa who had captured their palace. When Lord Krishna rescued women from the monster and return the women to their home. The women were not accepted by their families so Lord Krishna decided to marry them.
  • Lord Krishna was cursed by Queen Gandhari. The Kurukshetra war leads to death of 100 son’s of Gandhari. When Krishna met her, he was insulted and cursed, which leads to his death and dynasty.
  •  Lord Krishna’s skin color was dark, not blue. However, his skin was Dark but he was good looking, but commonly depicted in paintings and idol as blue.
  • Krishna brought his Guru’s Sandipani Muni’s dead son to his life. After his Education, Krishna and Balarama asked their guru for “Dakshana” . Then Krishna travelled to spot where they have learned the Muni’s son is trapped in conch named panchajanya of Yama (God of death) was in charge. Krishna ask to restore the by and Yama accepted his request.
  • Krishna was related to Pandavas The mother of Pandavas known as namely “Kunti”, was actually Vasudeva’s (Krishna’s Father) sister.
  • Eklavya was Krishna’s cousin, but was slaughtered by Krishna. Eklavya was skilled and a trained archer, He was the son of Devsharavu who was Vasudev’s brother. He is known after Dronocharya (his teacher) cut off his right thumb. After that Krishna granted him a boon to take a revenge, he stepped out from yajna fire created for the sole purpose of killing Dronocharya. Lord Krishna has killed Eklavya, Eklavya was straying from the path of righteousness. Gesundheit who was an enemy of Krishna, Eklvavya joined jarsandha to stop him. When Eklavya challenged Krishna, he stopped Eklavya by a rock which leads to Eklavya’s death. According to him, Eklavya’s death was imminent as he was forced to reckon with and could have broken a havoc in Hastinapur.
  • The relationship between Krishna and Radha used to spread premarital sex in India. On March 2010, The supreme court of India declared that premarital sex was not an offense. The court convinced that, premarital sex is not an offense.
  • Krishna blows his conch, panchjanya, was crying for Pandavas in Kurukshetra. He blew his conch to start battling in Kurukshetra and at the end to symbolize the victory of Dharma (Righteousness).
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