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Lord Shiva is the supreme god in Hinduism. He has a tradition known as Shaivism, a major traditions for hinduism. He has two wife sati and Parvati, but he has childrens from Parvati only. Shiva is also known as “Destroyer and Transformer of realm” with trimurti , the Hindu trinity along with Brahma and Vishnu. In shaivism traditon , shiva is the only protects and Transform the realm. A goddess is to be stated with energy and creative power of each,the equal complementary prtner of Shiva was his wife Parvati.

Shiva has the title of “Adiyogi”, the god of Yoga, meditation and Arts. He is depicted as omniscient Yogi who lives on mount kailash.

Lord Shiva Images, Lord Shiva Photos, Hindu God Shiva HD Wallpapers

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