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Mahesh Babu Images Collection. Check out Mahesh Babu Images, Photos, Pics and HD Wallpapers for free downloading in hd resolutions. One of the best known actors in Indian cinema is Mahesh Babu, on his birth name Mahesh Ghattamaneni. He was born in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India, on 9th of August 1975. He started his career when he was a child, in 1979, in the film “Needa”.

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We may say that Mahesh Babu knew from his childhood his destiny. At four years old, Mahesh Babu started with a role in “Needa” (1979). Of course, an important role has to be attributed to Mahesh Babu’s dad, who was an important actor too. Mahesh Babu’s career as a child actor has continued with a role in “Poratam” (1983) where he played the role of Bujji and with a role in “Shankharavam” (1987) as Raja.

Before he reached the age of 16 years he played in nine movies. Due to this, we may see that Mahesh Babu’s career looked brilliant since he was only a young actor as a child. And the present is the proof that his childhood’s experiences as an actor represented the best foundation for the nowadays superstar in Telugu cinema.

Lead Roles Played by Mahesh Babu

After a good debut as a child in the film industry, Mahesh Babu followed the same direction and he received numerous lead roles in numerous movies that were released by the Indian cinema. The first movie in which Mahesh Babu has played in the lead role was “Raja Kumarudu” (1999), in which he played the role of Raja.

After this debut as an adult actor in Telugu cinema, as Indian cinema is known, Mahesh Babu has received lead roles every year from 1999 up to 2007. He played lead roles in “Yuvaraju” (2000), “Takkari Donga” (2002), “Athidhi” (2007) and so on. The next lead role has received in 2010 in “Khaleja” as Seetarama Raju. Starting in 2010 and by nowadays in 2017 Mahesh Babu has received again every year a lead role in ten movies, the last two being “Spyder”, which is filming, and “Bharath Ane Nenu”, which has been only announced.

As you may see, after a great success as a child actor, Mahesh Babu is a wonderful actor and he has a brilliant career in Indian cinema, playing different lead roles. Based on these lead roles, Mahesh Babu received a wide range of recognitions from different organizations.


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